Cuervito Morado

The idea launching process for the Cuervito Morado brand began in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s by making Mexican tortillas. After researching the tortilla making process in Guadalajara, Mexico and importing the necessary tortilla equipment to Winston Salem, the owners of Cuervito Morado, the Calhoun Brothers, began making fresh, authentic tortillas. Realizing the expanding Hispanic workforce nationally and in North Carolina by the early 1990’s, the Calhoun’s utilized this newly forming workforce through employment in the tortilla business and as potential customers in the marketplace.


The Purple Crow Brand

Cuervito Morado” or “Purple Crow” originated from the desire to portray a company logo that not only stood apart from the competition but also exuberated something “fun” and had “attitude”. Inspired by childhood cartoon characters, initial sketches of crows making tortillas in a cornfield likened the company to the corn tortillas it manufactured. After a series of drawings and ideas, the depiction of a purple crow offered a unique twist to the classic black crow. From the company’s beginning in 1995 to present day, the “Purple Crow” has remained distinctive among the competition and the sole image on our expanding line of fresh cheeses, creams, meats, yogurts, and snacks.


“Born Out of Necessity” – La Tortilleria

Following years of distributing fresh tortillas throughout North Carolina, the need to service additional Hispanic food products followed the demand of a growing client base. The company’s tortillas business began to grow in size and diversity of products offered. Born out of necessity, the commercial start of a newly formed distribution service focused primarily on wholesale quickly followed. The company was named after the tortilla factory operation—“La Tortilleria del Cuervito Morado” or the “tortilla factory of the little purple crow”.


Purple Crow Brand in the Future

Since 1995, our company has worked to provide “deeply authentic” Mexican products. This desire for authenticity is part of a “celebration of core values” found in the Hispanic community. The admirable traits of family, faith, community, hard work, and good food are components that our company pursues not only in crafting the Purple Crow brand but as importantly in business relations with our customers and community.