Purple Crow

Purple CrowSo What is a “Cuervito Morado” anyway?
Cuervito Morado, or “Little Purple Crow”

If you don’t know, you’ve been missing out on some of the absolute best “Authentic” Mexican food to be found “North of the Border.”

Here’s the scoop:
Have you ever seen a real purple crow – a Cuervito Morado? We didn’t think so. So we’d like to introduce you to a very special one. Our Purple Crow is, indeed a rare bird – distinctive and memorable. Just like our Cuervito Morado products. Our products give your meals that authentic Hispanic taste. We know you’ll find them irresistible. So whenever you see a Purple Crow on the package, you know you’ve got the ingredients for a memorable feast. But whenever you see one in real life… well… you’re on your own there, amigo.


What Cuervito Morado Products can you have in your Nest?

From Tortillas and Tostadas to delicious cheeses and meats, the Cuervito Morado products give you the authentic taste of the homeland. You’ll know you’ve tasted a piece of Mexico, when you tasted our authentic corn tortillas, made the way they have been for hundreds of years. Find out more, by clicking on the “Products” section of our website.


Where did the Purple Crow originate?

La Tortilleria, Inc., distributors of authentic Hispanic products, created the Cuervito Morado brand. Nestled in the Carolina foothills, La Tortilleria is a fine distributor of authentic Hispanic products, and the sole distributor of Cuervito Morado brand products. La Tortilleria’s dedication to excellence ensures Cuervito Morado products truly are birds of a different color.